December 14, 2007

Matt has admirers... who knew?!

Greetings from "Pack & Ship" central! As I am sure you can imagine, this week and next are our BUSIEST of the year here at Giving Tree! And we love it! However, the increased orders and more packing and shipping requires us to be completely focused all the time. IMPOSSIBLE! Check out these pics! First, you have Matt, being completely distracted by the slew of admirers he has. All day long, we have to listen to his girl woes.. or rather, about all the woes of the girls that have crushes on him. Two of them even brought in this cake and flowers for him this week! And then there is Rachel, seen here in the background, doing an interprative dance in anticipation of the cake...we think! We are never sure with her, but she has sang and danced her way through this entire week!
Stay tuned for more looniness...and as always.. THANK YOU FOR MAKING OUR JOY POSSIBLE!

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Caitlandia* said...

Yeah!!! I was there when you bought that shirt! :)