April 30, 2008

Moms! Parties! Giving Tree 'Green' and T.V. Appearances!

Whew! April showers bring..everything! to Giving Tree Jewelry! I have this sneaky feeling May is going to be the best month ever!! Why you ask? For starters, we get to OFFICIALLY celebrate moms.. Judith, Laura who is one.. Deanne and Kristens, and all of you! I just had the fabulous idea of 'gifting' my mom with an all new and 'ready for the flowers' garden (our 5 acres of property) and to do it, I'm going to throw a big party! If you live within 300 miles, expect an invitation (Patricia and Bob, Meg and Brandon, etc etc!)
In other news, I just got back from L.A. where I went with my dear friend and 'strategist' Rebecca Zarazan to stir up some great things for Giving Tree Jewelry. I even shot a segment for 'b-block' on Extra T.V. (thank you Brittany W!) that will air in early May! Can you believe it? I got to talk a lot about artist Amy Volchok (fabulous mom herself!) and her gorgeous custom Mother's Day Cuffs and the 'One More Person For Peace" cuffs that I designed with Amy and Patricia Crawford for our 'plus1' charity for moms and children in Darfur. Perfect piece, perfect timing!
And, in the very near future, we will be debuting "Giving Tree Green" with two amazing new L.A. based lines, and one VERY special inhouse collection, all to give back to the environment, raise awareness, and try to help save our fragile planet.
Ok, wow.. I could go on and on on this day before May, the best month ever! But I want you to keep reading, so I'll save somethings for later.. Please stay tuned!

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