June 12, 2008

Friends... and Fenway Park!

Last night, I went to Fenway Park to see a Red Sox game for the first time! Kristen made me take the camera, "for the blog" she said, and I am so glad I did, because it was such a night to remember! I had a blast- the beer was cold, the peanuts salty, and the crowd on fire.. and oh yeah, the sox won!
Still, since I can't make it through a blog without getting a bit 'mushy'- I do have to say the very VERY best part was spending time with my friends, Stacy and Andrew. I can't get over how much more joyful I feel having the two of them in my life. Recently, a customer sent me the quote "friends fill a life" and spending time with Stacy and Andrew, I understand what this means.
So here's to my friends Stacy and Andrew, to all the people that make you all feel full and loved, and to friendship in general. As Neil Diamond says (but sadly, I did not get to shout last night.. (andrew, you promised me 'sweet caroline!) friends make the good times.. feel.. SO good. Thank you.. you guys rock!

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