October 10, 2008

The site that never sleeps..

Or more aptly, the site designers that never sleep! This is just a quick shout out to Kristen and Michael that spend countless hours working with me to make my 'Giving Tree Website dreams' come true! For my birthday in August, I asked for a site that was easier to navigate, more appealing, more shopper friendly, and these guys went to work! We now have PAYPAL as an option to buy! Kristen created gorgeous 'flash' images and a whole new 'hotlink' section (below the original site) that includes Giving Tree T.V. and Michael got the whole thing working! No easy task, and I have the multiple 3 am emails from the West Coast to prove it!
So, to Michael and Kristen a huge THANK YOU! and to all our loyal customers, ENJOY! I hope it does indeed make shopping easier and more fun for you, because that is what matters most to us.
And now, I'm going to sound like that voice I hear every time my U.S. Airways flight lands in L.A. or Boston..
"I know you have the choice to shop ANYWHERE on line.. thank you for shopping with us!"
Happy Sunny October Day!

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