February 12, 2010

LOVE STORIES- PART 3-Absolute Proof that LOVE Is All We Need!

My husband wrote me a sweet note in my anniversary card. It said the last 8 yrs were the best of his life and he hopes to have another 80 even better than the last ones.

I first have to say that I don’t have any dramatic, birds singing, waves crashing, romantic story that I can share. What I do have is 11 years and two children with the most wonderful man
I have ever met. We met in college and had pretty strong feelings for each other from the start. He has told me that he liked the fact that (unlike most of the other girls he dated) valued my personal time and space. I knew I liked the fact that he was very intuitive and really seemed to listen and care about the people in his life. I felt like he was my best friend and at the same time incredibly sexy. I don’t think there is a more perfect combination for a spouse than that. We have had some seriously tough times in eleven years together. I can remember two times where we very seriously discussed divorcing because we strongly disagreed about which path our lives should take. We ultimately decided that we are committed to each other and our underlying mutual love and respect was worth sticking it out for. Each time we made the decision that divorce wasn’t an option we became stronger in our love and commitment to each other. We have been many different people through out our marriage and we will continue to grow and change in the coming years but I am confident that we will love each other even more as we grow old together than we do today.

My father and mother had 3 girls. When my parents were old we all pitched in to help them. My father was a very modest man and it was very hard for him to have his daughters help him in his bathing and dressing. My husband XXX would come to my parents home and help my father in the shower and in dressing. I will never forget the love my husband had towards my parents. My mother would tell him if I had a son I would want him to be you XXX. My husband said to me he loved them like his own parents. XXX is a good husband, father and man and I thank God for him.

“You are the butter to my bread, the breath of my life.” – Julia Child

Cape May, New Jersey, 2007. Our two week vacation was at it’s end. My husband and my two sons, age 3 and 1 and a half, were dutifully packing up and checking things off the check out list of our lovely little beach cottage. I turned my attention to the task of organizing the memories, — video camera and and camera. I joke that my boys don’t think what they are doind is meaningful unlessI whip out some sore of device and capture the moment. But is is more for me then them. I love every minute with them. Back to the beach…I check the camera case and the itty bitty teeny tiny memory card that contained 400+ pictures (I actually had to buy a new one while on the trip because I filled the old one up) and, nothing. Not in the case, not near the case, not one the floor, not in the drawer. Interrogation…Who saw it last? Did you take it somewhere? Everybody look! Look! We have to be out of here in a few hours!! No luck. Many tears. Thoughts of Ian’s first trip up the lighthouse, Ty at high tea, carriage rides, waves, sandcastles, custard cups melting away. My husband sent me to the beach with the boys so he could start packing the car up and I figured I’d at least capture some pictures. Over an hour later my husband strolls up to us on the beach and from a distantance is making a strange hand signal. Can’t make it out? What??? As he gets closer, there between his pointer finger and thumb is an itty bitty, teeny tiny memory card!!!! Two weeks of happiness!! My dear, sweet husband had concluded that our young son, who was facinated by the kitchen garbage can that had a petal he could step on to open, unlike ours at home, was the only place we didn’t look. Not only did he look in the garbage can in the kitchen, but he went to the market and bought yellow dish gloves and ripped open 3 bags of garbage that had been sitting outside and that is where he found it. Bound by love/that unleashed two hearts/it goes on.

I knew that love was real as soon as I reached the day when XXX would smile at me…and the world – the hectic, busy, stressful world – would stand absolutely still just to allow me that moment of enjoyment.

The nice man who drives my morning bus. The friendly workers in my company cafeteria. My mom’s lunchtime call. My boyfriend’s mid-afternoon text. My friends’ all-day google chatting. My stepfather’s daily ride home from work. My yoga teacher’s sometimes not-so-gentle encouragement. My cats’ goodnight cuddling. I am surrounded by love, all day, in so many ways. I am lucky.

I have severe Rheumatoid Arthritis and my husband shows his love everyday in all the things he does to make my life better, easier and happier. He goes way beyond what most people would do.

Valentines Morning my boyfriend made me breakfast in bed.When I came home it was so nice,he had dinner ready and a table set up for us. After dinner he had hershy kisses(one for each day we were together) leading to my bedroom with my present on the bed. There was a nice card,candy,candles ….everything was perfect!!! It was a great day!

True love – comes to your aid anytime, anywhere; offers to be with you even when it means he has to be away from work and waiting for you when there is nothing for him to do; all he wants back is your love and care…

It was 1950 they were walking out of church. The ugly duckling of the XXX Clan and the Hottie of the XXX Clan. A romance Blossomed and in 1955 the wed. 54 years later they are still devoted and “in LOVE” despite everything possible that could have split them apart. Mr and Mrs. XXX, my parents deserve to be winners to boost their hearts and remind them that their love story has touched hunderds of lives from their Devoted Daughter and hopeful writer, me!


Hub and I met at a Family Pool Hall, I walked in and saw him playing pool with some friends, and couldn’t take my eye’s off of him. he on the on the other hand, he wouldn’t break his concentration no matter what I did to get his attention. Finally after a few nights of going up just to watch him play, he and his friends invited me to go with them to a Tournament out of town. I went. Once we got back, he and I started dating. The rest is History. 14 years later and two children. We are just as in love as the day we started dating.


“Love”, how much weight do this four letters have? To a little nurtured boy this is a usual word he used to listen for the whole day. This word continuously played in his mother’s lips as records play in a cassette. On the other hand, to a street boy this is that precious sound which he can hardly hear from his dearest ones. Whoever tells him, that boy becomes the bought away slave of that man forever. Even he’ll not fear to pay for this four letters with own life. And eventually, 17 years old boy like me is nurturing some one special inside his soul! How many ways people can meet! A relation so long can turn in love at once or even a single glance can make the cupid shoot his arrow. “Love is not a race; where 1st,2nd ,3rd should be count on. Love is love; it may come any time for any person.” In a drama, falling in love with the help of cell phone is very common. And many cover stories are usual in magazines about marriage of couples fallen in love over internet. Even though I am amused by the incident happened in my life. My other identity is “xxx”. This xxx id changed Me, my past, present, and may be my nearer future. Her name and other identities are not essential now as she’s nowhere but inside my soul. Every part of my & soul cries out her name. Her beautiful name is engraved nowhere but in the deep of my mind, will be enlightening till my heart continuous its beats. Really we are apart from us. Not only distance, other much highlighted facts lies between us. She is Indian & I’m Bangladeshi. It differs our nationality. She is from Hindu religion but I’m from Muslim society. Certainly it’s a burning issue. Again our family, living style & language varies. But the fact is, both of us know that these differences really matters to the society not to souls. We can’t touch each other with our blood & flesh but we had touched our souls & minds. Even there is no complexity of face & voice but our thought & perspectives touched each others & flowing in the same frequency. I am amused at her purity and holiness of thoughts, brilliant ideas, and trend ness with a very suitable personality. And what not she is! Even sometimes I am astonished how my mind has changed by the holy touch of her relationship. I haven’t seen an angel, but I am sure that ‘XXX’ is slightly or may be more than an angel. That’s it, that’s her name and really she bought a lot of XXX (happiness) in my life. But a crucial point is that, we didn’t offer our love. Actually we never think, love only means ‘Romeo-Juliet’. Everything just comes from emotions; from what or whom we like. And in flow, with love we named our relationship as best friends. Because we wanted to live forever, for each other. Some may take me as a silly boy. But tell me, what fear can be compared with loosing something or someone so special?? Friends, XXX is not with me now, but a day will come, in a starry night may be we both will look at the same star. The star will fall down at the weight of our love. She may feel a sigh for a friend who is the best at the other end. Till then let us both look at the same sky.

It was this time last year I met the man of my dreams, the man that calls me “His Forever”. XXX is not just your ordinary man. He knows how to put a smile on my face that lights up the whole world! It was the moment when me and him were face to face, alone in the dark for the first time. I wanted to tell him i loved him, but how could I tell him that when I only known him for a week. It was then when he looked me in my eyes and said “I feel like I should be telling you I love you”, my mouth dropped because I felt the same way. We have been together ever since. We moved into our own place and he accepted my 5 year old son as apart of his life as well. My mother says “If you could bottle what you two have and share it with the world, the workd would be a better place”. My heart has never felt so sure about anything before, but now I know. No matter where I am or what Im doing I wish he was there with me. XXX was the first man to tell me I was beautiful, it was well worth the wait.

I had been friends with my current boyfriend throughout most of college, but it wasn’t until we were both studying abroad and I flew from Dublin to Vienna that I realized how I felt about him. While I was there, we spent one-on-one time together, he was speaking German for me since I only know a bit of French, we went to the open air markets, he took me to a Viennese ball since it was ball season! It was snowing the whole time I was there, which made the city of Vienna even more incredibly romantic; he even took me to see where the Steinway Pianos are made since he knows I play the piano. Leaving was very difficult, and I was so happy that no one was sitting next to me on the plane since I was in tears when we were taking off in the snowstorm. Once we were reunited at school in the fall, we officially started dating and have been together ever since. We plan on traveling back to Europe in the not so distant future."

I met the love of my life online over 3 years ago and flew out to see her within the first year of our relationship. We’re both in college, but I still visit her every chance I get for as long as I can. In another couple years, once we graduate, we’ll figure out who’s moving where

I moved with my family to Mankato my Junior year in High School. I thought my life would end having to leave my friends and home. But, it didn’t turn out to be that bad. I made good friends and met XXX. He was everything I dreamed about. We started dating and cared for each other very much. But, we were young and things happened and we broke up right before my high school graduation. I moved away and got a job and then got married. XXX stayed in Mankato and started a business and married a local girl. I thought about him and wondered what his life was like. When I would go to Mankato and visit my family I would get butterflies when I drove by his business. I guess the feeling was still there. After being married for 21 years my husband and I divorced. The weird thing is that after being married for 21 years, XXX and his wife divorced too! We started emailing each other and then talked on the phone and then, we decided to meet each other. It was amazing. The feelings were still there and we knew that we wanted to be together again. So, we have been married for four years and thank God everyday for helping us find each other again.


My 2 best friends just found love in their middle age and I am so happy for them. They deserve much happiness.

It all began 50 years ago o the campus of a woman’s college. Conn. College. It was Good Friday 1959 and He was in search of a new love. He was a college student down the road at a mens college. He was encouraged by his cousin who was dating his sister to look her up. So he did by visiting her, unknow to her. He (XXX) went to her dorm and asked for her (XXX) He was told that she was in the English building studying. So he went to meet and find her. The building was empty and the all he could hear was a voice echoing in a hallway. He approached the room and there she sat. Sitting on a desk reciting Poetry by Keats. He was instantly enamored with her poise and her beauty. He asked if he could stay and listen. She said “of course”! After she finished he invited her to have coffee with him and they began their 50 year love story. 50 years later they have two children 5 grandchildren and a beautiful and fortunate life together. Sure there has been bumps in the road but they were able to get through those bumps and build an amazing life together. It is bacause of their admiration and respect for each other I was able to find a wonderful man whom I have been able to bulid a life together with. 15 years and we have had our share of bumps but love each other to get through them. I hope to pass this love and devotion down to my daughters who are now 8 and 10. LOve is beautiful and it does not come easy but it is truly rewarding and fulfilling.

One day after school a 15 year old girl met a 18 year old boy. 5 years later they married. Children really. 20 and 23. Today that same little girl and that same young boy are married 35 years. Yup there are ups and downs but love is a decision and there is no room for being selfish. How lucky am I?


It’s tough to tell when love is real, but I knew it just three nights ago, as my wife and I were ice-skating. I could just feel her looking at me, and when I turned, sure enough she was. We are connected, and always seem to be at the same level, and on the same page. Sometimes, you know it’s love, just from the eyes. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity

I know love is more mental than physical. Loving someone so deep means loving a person for them an not because they look a cetain way. Always be yourself and you are sure to find true love.

Although I know that love is real, when I read about this contest I was not going to enter. I don’t have a GREAT love story to tell. Yes, indeed it is true love, but was there a great story? No. BUT the stars aligned today or something and although this is still not a “rock the world” love story, it is worth sharing for sure. Tomorrow I will leave to Mexico with my hubby of 13 years to celebrate my 40th birthday. Our first vacation without the 4 kids in 8 years. We are both so excited to have some alone time. As I reached up on the closet shelf to grab my sandals down I knocked down a whole stack of cards that were shoved up there. I read through them all. A card I had given my husband on our wedding day professing my love. Another card he gave me on our very first anniversary. Another I gave him on our 2nd anniversary – hoping for at least 100 more! I was so happy to find these cards and read the words of love from so long ago. And to realize that the words are still there today, 13 years later. What a perfect day for me to find these. I think our weekend away will be a perfect time to look at our love and our lives together. (And then of course I hopped on facebook and saw the contest – so I thought it must be meant to share. The stars are alligned today!)

He captured my heart

my husband and i meet on a cruise and have been cruising ever since.


My husband proposed to me in the most romantic way!

hubby calling to say I love you for no reason.

In 1978, attending a meeting of our college campus radio station, I looked across the room and saw XXX. I took one look and thought- wow- there’s the guy I’m going to marry. (No we had not met before.) We did not have our first date until a year later. After a week or two he had to leave to go out of town for a few days. He handed me a note and drove off. I opened this piece of paper and in the center in small type it read “Is there magic in the air? -i” (his last name began with an “i”. I about fell on the ground with wonder and amazement. We were engaged 5 weeks after our first date and have been married 29 years this year.

I met my husband while he was working for a temp agency. I was his boss. We both had just gotten divorced and had admired each other from afar. After 3 weeks he asked me out. I had him come to my house (which he drove by 3 times before finding the address – me being outside at the curb should have helped!) We talked for a few hours that night. I was already in love and hoping his feelings were the same. He called the next day and came over again. After talking and getting acquainted, he proposed. We married a week later in Reno with our mothers in tow (crazy, huh?). Within the next six months, we both quit our jobs, started a temporary staffing business, build a home which included a mother in law apartment. That was 11 years ago and we are still going strong. Sometimes you just know. We will be together for all time. Our love is amazing. It gets stronger everyday.

My husband and I met at a cowboy bar call Stampede--there was even a
mechanical bull in the bar--hysterical. And, no, neither of us rode
the bull! I was living in Denver attending graduate school. He was
working there on what he thought was a short-term basis. When we
started chatting we leaned that were both from Utah. We talked the
whole night and at the end of the evening he asked for my number.
After waiting the "required" three days, he called. Around that same
time his employer asked him to stay in Denver for a year. After that
we were inseparable. I helped him find an apartment and he made
arrangements to move his furniture, etc. to Denver. As luck, kismet,
and/or alignment of the constellations would have it, my lease was up
on my apartment. So after only six weeks of knowing each other we
moved in together!! I think my Mom thought I had lost my mind. I
wasn't as shocked. My first clue was when we were moving his things
in and I realized he only put clothes in 1/2 of his closet (how cute
it that??).
One year later I graduated and my husband's job in Denver ended (also
a strange coincidence) and we decided to return to Utah since both our
families are here. We had a new place to live, new careers (he
changed careers to avoid traveling), and new families! About nine
months later (no not a baby!) the heat went out at my office and they
sent us all home. Again the stars were aligned, and my husband had
that day off work. Before I left work I called him and told him I
would be home soon and was wondering if he wanted to GET
MARRIED!!!!!!!! He said YES. So about 4 hours, one Polaroid photo
and a justice of the peace later, we were hitched! That was six years

My husband and I had a meeting to go to one night and it was pouring rain. We have a tradition of picking up a cup of coffee before the meeting, but the coffee shop is in a stip mall downtown with no close parking. We switched seats in the car and he went out in the pouring rain to pick up our coffees while I waited safe and dry in the car. It was just one of the many simple ways he shows his love for me.

Head giddy with champagne

I never would have guessed I would fall in love with a guy with wearing a Cloak and feathered top hat. I went on Secondlife, a virtual world, out of boredom and Curisoty. I found myself making a few friendships on there and going to a club with them. Everytime I was there I saw the same guy and one night we struck up a conversation. Over the next several months we become very good friends. Nightly we would spend hour talking. The time on Secondlife slowly changed to Skype and MSN and we started talking about a real life meeting. I Realized I had falling in love with this man I had met online.


Jan 19, 2009 I decided to look up my old boydfriend via facebook. I found his name and wrote, Did you go to PS 13?

When I first saw XXX, something deep inside of me just “knew.” It was in a bowling alley, not the most romantic of settings, but from that point forward I was constantly aware of her proximity to me. If for some reason she missed a day, I could feel it when I arrived. I suppose at this point that I should mention that not only had I not talked to XXX, I was also married…to a man. So while it was unusual for me to be so drawn to a woman, it was a feeling I could not ignore. I eventually got the nerve to talk to XXX at bowling, then to invite her to spend time together. And eventually I admitted to myself what the truth was, I was falling in love. The beginning of our relationship was full of the usual joy, but also tempered with the guilt of hurting someone else and lots of life changing decisions. XXX was wonderful and supportive throughout this process and never offered any pressure. We came to live together in February of 2007, and there has been no looking back for either of us. In November of 08 XXX proposed to me, surprising me with a beautiful ring while we were staying at our favorite hotel on the coast. It was a beautiful, perfect moment and one I’ll never forget. At first XXX said she didnt need an engagement ring for herself, but I could tell that deep down she really did want one. We shopped the internet together and found the perfect ring for her. You guessed it, on the Giving Tree website. I was able to purchase the very last one in her size and have it overnighted so that it arrived in time for Thanksgiving. While XXX knew the ring was coming, I got to surprise her with the timing of it and the Giving Tree was instrumental in that. We got married on September 1st 2009 and have never been happier. I have learned that its never too late to realize who you are and to follow your heart. The reward for me has been a wonderful life and most importantly, a wonderful wife.


Happy being married for 8 years...


I met my soon to be husband about a year ago. He is from and lives in Southern California, his best friend of 20+ years had moved to my small town in Tennesse five years ago for a job. He met and was about to marry my best friend, so naturally he invited his best friend from California to the wedding. My friend thought that it would be nice if XXX (my fiance’) had someone to hang out with the week prior to the wedding and since I would be around with her that week, that person had to be me. Of course, I kicked and screamed about it but the day before XXX was going to fly in, he calls me. We were immediately in stitches, 100% connection! Four hours later, the two non-phone talkers finished our phone call bewildered. He flew in the next day and we spent the most amazing week together out on the lake, out to dinner, long walks and long talks… Saturday night was the rehearsal dinner and as we’re sitting there, I looked up and he had the most revealing look on his face, I calmed my rapidly beating heart as I took a sip of my wine, looked back up at him and said “How bad do you want to say it right now?” and without asking what “it” was, he says to me “I do, I Love You, I have fallen in Love with You”. I never thought that I would have a fairy tale, but this is my story, my “Love Story”.

I remember the moment that I knew I was in love with the “right” man. We had flown to Portland for my best friends wedding and my parents and I and my boyfriend at the time ( now my husband) were walking down the street. I forget exactly what we were talking about but were in the middle of a conversation when he just left and crossed the street. My dad looked at me as if to say, " what exactly do you see in this guy." As we watched him runand just as I was about to call out his name we noticed an elderly lady crossing the street with her walker. The light had changed and the cars were patiently waiting and he made it just in time to help her up the curb. It was a true act of a kind soul and to this day he is the kindest person I know and I am beside myself at times to know that he is with me.

One day after school a 15 year old girl met a 18 year old boy. 5 years later they married. Children really. 20 and 23. Today that same little girl and that same young boy are married 35 years. Yup there are ups and downs but love is a decision and there is no room for being selfish. How lucky am I?

Once when I was a child my mother told me that I had been given a brand new red wagon. I loved that Radio Flyer wagon. I used to play with it constantly. I’d hop in it and use the handle as a steering wheel as my friends pushed me down the hills by our house. I asked my mom several times who had given me the wagon, but she would never say. I remember as a child trying to figure out who had given me the wagon. Years later my great uncle died and it was then that my mom told me that he had been the one to get me the wagon. He had seen me playing and had wanted to buy one for me, but keep the fact that he had purchased it a secret. This was one of my first experiences with a selfless act of love.

Five years ago, I met the love of my life,
she’s that special someone, I now call my wife.

We met at a concert, in March of ’05,
where the beer was cold and the music was live.

In June, I surprised her, in an open launch field,
our hot air balloon floating, all colors revealed.

We hopped in the wicker gondola, and started an ascension,
with the ground and its inhabitants, shrinking in dimensions.

Floating serenely in a dream world, suspended in the wind’s highway,
we were one with nature, weightless like the sun’s rays.

Another adventure, three months later, that day,
she brought me to the Oktoberfest, surprised I must say.

We enjoyed the German music, in Addison Circle Park,
in the traditional Bavarian setting, the food a work of art.

The wines were delicious, the biers even better,
my loving counterpart at my side, so glad I met her.

Next we tried handmade pretzels, and potato pancakes,
with some roasted almonds, apple strudel, for goodness sakes.

What a great event we shared, under the many tents,
just as if we were in Munich, if to Germany we went.

Then we married several months later, and made a perfect pair,
in a gathering of two families, planned with such care.

She is my true companion, our love cannot be measured,
for it’s not the destination, but our journey we treasure

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