February 16, 2011

SPRING CLEANING!! (For Your Me&Ro Jewelry)

Over the years we have received many questions on how to properly clean and care for Me&Ro jewelry and wanted to make it available to you, so that you can keep your jewels sparkling and looking new!

Me&Ro Silver & Gold Tiny Om Bezel Pedant
 General Jewelry Care

 Store jewelry separately to avoid scratching.
 Silver jewelry should be stored in the Me&Ro anti-tarnish flannel pouch to prevent tarnishing.
 Store jewelry away from heat or direct sunlight.  
 Apply make-up, hairspray, and perfume before putting on your jewelry.
 Remove jewelry before doing strenuous activities.
 Remove jewelry before using household chemicals.
 Do not wear jewelry in a swimming pool or hot tub.  Chlorine and extreme heat can damage many gemstones and metals.

Metal Care

Me&Ro Jewelry has a matte finish.  
Do not use a polishing cloth on the jewelry as this will ruin the matte finish.

Most jewelry can be cleaned using a soft toothbrush and warm soapy water.  Always avoid harsh detergents when cleaning jewelry.  Chlorine bleach degrades karat gold. 

Polishing Creams
Several commercial polishing creams can be used to clean our jewelry.  You can use any cream or liquid gold polish, including Wright’s Silver Cream to brighten and clean your silver or Wright’s Jewelry Cleaner for 10K gold, 18K gold and platinum jewelry.

Wright's Silver Cream will remove all tarnish and brown spots and brighten up the silver jewelry in seconds. Follow the package directions; wipe Wright's cream on with a damp sponge (enclosed in jar), leave on for 30 seconds or polish thoroughly for heavily tarnished pieces. Then rinse off with warm water and use a soft dry cloth to dry. If the cream gets into the grooves or oxidized areas, gently brush out with a soft toothbrush. Wright's Silver Cream can be purchased at most hardware stores. Call 1-800-837-8140 for the store closest to you. You can also ask about their silver production strips, which are put into enclosed cases to neutralize the sulfuric gases, which cause silver to tarnish.

White 3mm Scotchbrite Pads 
These should be used for flat surfaces only, not three-dimensional pieces.  Do not use on stones.  Lightly rub the pad across the jewelry so that the brush strokes are going in the same direction.  

Me&Ro Long Sanskrit Pendant

Bon Ami 
is a common detergent for pots and pans. It restores the matte finish and brightens up any jewelry. Mix a small amount in your hand with lukewarm water. With a soft toothbrush, lightly clean the jewelry and rinse.

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Andy said...

Then rinse away with cozy consuming water and use a gentle dried out cloth to dry. once the lotion obtains in to the grooves or oxidized areas,

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